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We do not make any non realistic performance claim. Never !
Our Expert Advisors have built-in Intelligent functions to find best entries.
Neural networks technolgioes has been used in R&D and in the product to find best entries
3WAY2WIN is a quality, Made-in-Germany Product that works !


Finally a trading robot that does not make fake promises and that does not try to fool you with unrealistic performance figures. Who really believes that one would sell a system that would make all of us rich in a few months? 3WAY2WIN™ is delivering an average profitability per year between 24 and 125% depending on the risk you allow. In our tests, 3WAY2WIN™ delivers about 24% net profit per year, when we limit the risk / trade to just 3% of the account net equity.

In our medium risk and aggressive settings we traded 3WAY2WIN™ with full lots in a 10.000 $ or € account and this resulted in a net win of more 200% per year.

Click her to see all the realistic performance test and the individual results 3WAY2WIN - Performance here

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So called artificial neural networks - also known as “ANN” are basically networks made from artificial neurons. Research about them belongs to the science about artificial intelligence, mathematics and information technology.

Background of this science is - like with artificial neurons - also biological research and science.

Today these networks are often compared to real, natural neural networks like those which build the human brain. Goal of such networks is to simulate real thinking like this of the human brain or to develop models which come close

real performance

Depending on the risk settings our tests resulted in various performance.

3WAY2WIN™ in the only Expert Advisor that trades multiple signals in real-time. It continuously scans the market  using its multi strategy entry systems to find the best entries for profitable trades. Unlike many other systems it is using various, indicators and signals to improve trading.  The newly developed entry formula based on neural networks strategy combined with the multiple entry-scan-engine resulted in a high win rate in all tests we performed. Unlike conventional and risky expert advisors 3WAY2WIN™ is using reliable and more secure higher times frames for its trades (H4) and is highly independent of short term movements.


With its new technology developed in Germany with new and innovative Neural-Network-Tecnology combined with the experience of a team of real traders, 3WAY2WIN™ is a completely new kind of expert advisor.

Different than most existing, standard robots, 3WAY2WIN™ is using multiple techniques for its entries and this is increasing its win rate drmatically.

Traditional, expert advisors are using one strategy to enter short and one, usually just opposite, to enter short. 3WAY2WIN™ is combining 3 individual entry strategies each for long and short trades. This makes it a unique and very robust fully automated trading system

Now with 3WAY2WIN™ you can benefit from all market phases and no matter if bull or bear market: The fully automated 3WAY2WIN trading system will find the best entries for you.


Most Expert Advisors are very badly programmed rubbish, non reliable code made by some poor programmers in some Eastern Europe or third world countries. Often these programmers are paid badly or not at all - no wonder, they deliver some crappy software. Do you want to give your money in the hand of such software ? 3WAY2WIN™ ist developed, tested and finally made in Germany be real German traders, software engineers and developers. Most of the commercially sold Expert Advisors are pure marketing but 3WAY2WIN™ is very different. Its unique technology and the multy-strategy entry intelligence make it different to all you have seen before. 3WAY2WIN™ does not trade very often, it actually tries to trade well, not much and it has a reliable, realistic win rate of about 75 to 80% of its trades. Although it uses various innovative technologies, it still works very simple and fully automatic and can be used by experienced traders as well as by the novice, just starting with forex.

a mix of entry strategies makes the difference

3WAY2WIN is a unique result of quality German Engineering and the intelligence and experience of successful real-live-traders. Get your copy now - the sales are strictly limited.

Ten simple Reasons, why most Forex participants fail:


Wrong, single strategy or too many strategies


Bad discipline


Bad timing


Non sufficient money management


Another indicator syndrome


Lack of Experience


Non fact based trading


Using badly performing trading robots


through good money after bad money


No or wrong stops and bad take profit behavior

team work for more effective results

Dedication and the motivation to deliver the best - that what makes a team a team of winner. Like the 3WAY2WIN™ team. From generation of ideas and strategies to the programming and testing - all done by us.

What do you get when a team of experts is using its combined expertise, knowledge and trading experience to create an automatic trading program ?

You get built-in intelligence and state-of-the-art trading in one single expert advisor  - that is the best way to describe 3WAY2WIN™. When we started the project wqe had only in mind to improve our own trading and to develop something that was totally different to all the various EAs we have seen and tested. We wanted to have an EA that came closer to our real trading styles - which are mid-term and do not only use single entry strategies and which combine logical analytics with human intelligence.

3WAY2WIN™ is the result and we are proud of it and we used it ourselves on real-live-accounts - day after day with real money.


We made various, intensive tests with 3WAY2WIN™  and the results are impressive. We do no claim anything, which we did not see in our tests and all test are made under realistic circumstances. We also run the robot on live accounts as demo and real-money live accounts. We started the test accounts with 10,000 € each and below you can see the totals for each period and level of risk in the test. You can see our live accounts as well, for actual performance in 2012. Please go to the individual pages to see the details of the test.

Test results with
Medium risk setting

Test results
very low risk setting

Test results with
one lot / trade risk setting

Test results
high risk setting

You can find more detailed tests inside this site and you can also access the live test and see our live accounts at We trust in our development and we use 3WAY2WIN™  ourselves - every day, with real money on real-live accounts.


18,560 €

46,327 €

14,390 €

26,167 €

25,802 €

54,864 €

23,675 €

231,818 €


3WAY2WIN™ live account - real Money and verified by

Click the chart or here 3WAY2WIN™ to see the live trading results of 3WAY2WIN. Trading is updated daily and accounts and results are verified by We use our real money to trade on this account with 3WAY2WIN™ - live and real.

It is important that you are confident when you make a purchase of a product you give your money to. We are very confident with our product and we use it ourself - day after day, since the beginning of 2012.